Many little known uses for Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

-You can help your perfume last longer with a light coating of Vaseline on your skin before you apply.

-Taming your eyebrows is easy with a small amount applied and then use a brow brush to style.

-Protect your skin from hair dye.  Your first step before applying any dye to your hair is to apply a thin coat of Vaseline on your hair line, all the way around.  Don't forget your ears!

-Help your eyelashes grow with a small coat of Vaseline on your lashes before bed
-Soften your feet with a coat of Vaseline after your shower.  Put on a pair of cotton sox and relax.

-Prevent razor burn by applying a small film over the area to be shaved to protect.  Apply a little more after you shave to smooth legs.

-Removing make-up is easy, quick and less expensive that costly removers.  And it will moisturize your skin afterward.  Apply a thin layer over your face and tissue off.

-Moisturizing your lips with a tube of Vaseline is better than purchasing lip gloss.  The Vaseline will also keep your lips soft and smooth.  At night, get an old, clean toothbrush.  Apply a thin layer on your lips.  Use the toothbrush and gently brush your lips.  Old skin will be removed and soft lips will appear.

-You can remove a stuck ring with a little Vaseline around the finger.  Twist the ring into the Vaseline on the finger and the ring will slip off.  (You can also use lotion.)

-When polishing your nails, apply a little film of Vaseline around your cuticles.  The mistakes will wipe off when you are finished polishing.  And your cuticles will be moisturized. 

-No Tears Shampoo ?  Nah, just apply a film into your baby’s eyebrows.  It acts as a protective shield against shampoo running into their eyes.

-For shower curtains that whip across the rod, apply a small film of Vaseline on rods.

-Lipstick stains on your cloth dinner napkins?  Before laundering, blot Vaseline on the stain.  Launder as usual. Hopefully, you can kiss these stains goodbye.

-Last night’s candle light dinner leave candle wax dripped down on the holder? Next time apply a little Vaseline to the insides and outside of the holder.  Wax comes right off.
-Chewing gum stuck on the dining room table or a wood headboard?  Apply some Vaseline over the gum wad.  Rub the gum until it starts to disintegrate, then remove with paper towel.

-Patent leather shoes can be shined with a rubbing of Vaseline.  Scuffs will disappear, too.

-Leather coats can be softened and cleaned with Vaseline.  Rub on with a soft cloth, rub it in and wipe with another soft cloth.  Leather will be soft and cleaned for much less than leather conditioner lotion.

-Your pet’s food bowl will not get ants if you rub a small film on the outside of the bowl.  Ants will not climb up the coated surface.

-Baseball mitts can be conditioned and softened with a rubbing of Vaseline.  Smear a bit into the glove and rub it with a soft cloth.  Mitt will be soft and waterproofed.

-When painting rooms with doorknobs, apply a thin film all around the doorknob.  This will keep paint from sticking and save you the hassle of removing it. When finished painting, a quick wipe and the room is finished.  Also, this coating of Vaseline will shine your metal doorknobs well.

-In the garage, storing chrome for the winter is never easier.  Apply a thin coat of Vaseline to your bicycles, lawn mowers, garden tools and snow blowers.  The Vaseline will protect the chrome over the harsh winters.

-Before you change that outside light bulb, apply a thin coat to the metal end of the bulb.  This will not affect the bulbs contacts but will maike it easier to remove when burned out and you are standing on a ladder in the rain or the snow!

-Kitchen and bathroom cabinets that squeak while running along their tracks can be silenced with a little Vaseline applied to the runners.  This will quiet and lubricate the runners.  Also good for henges that are rusting or squeaky.  Your back door or basement door.

-If you have recently had a paarty and some of your guests were not careful and left water rings on your wood furniture, apply some Vaseline and let it sit overnight.  In the morning, just wipe the excess off and your water mark will be gone.

-After its first use, apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the inside of the tip of your super glue.  Use a Q-tip or toothpick.  This barrier of Vaseline will keep the super glue from bonding the cap to the glue.  This frustrates me when I go to use it a second time.  I end up throwing it away.  A little Vaseline saves you this headache.

-Applying a thing coat of Vaseline to your hands before doing greasy or messy jobs will keep your hands from getting stained.  Just a little coat, or you will not be able to pick up anything!

-Metal garbage can lids can freeze and stick in the winter. Apply a little Vaseline around the rim of the can and you will not have this problem.

-You can keep nuts and bolts from rusting with a little Vaseline.  Apply a little before screwing together.

-Applying a thing layer of Vaseline on the seal of your refrigerator keep the seal lasting longer and will make cleaning it a snap.  No foods or juices will stick in the groves.

-Storm windows will slide up and down easier with a little Vaseline and will not stick.

-The rubber around your sun roof will not become brittle with a little Vaseline applied when you first purchase the car.

-(I love this one !)  A little Vaseline on the pole of your bird feeder will discourage squirrels from trying to eat the seeds.  I enjoy watching the little guys try and climb the pole.

-I have used Vaseline to help with the dry cough a cat gets from fur balls.  I apply just a little to the top of the front paw.  The cat will lick this off and in turn get a little lubrication to their throat.  Much cheaper that the vets version.

-A little Vaseline on the washer hose, inside and out, will make changing the hose so much quicker.  It will slide into position easily.

-I have used a little Vaseline on the cork of my clarinet.  Aids in putting it together.  I am sure it would work for all instruments with cork fittings.

-I have used Vaseline after each diaper change and have not seen any diaper rash appear.

-Some runners and military personnel I know apply a thin film of Vaseline to their underarms and inner thighs and all abrasive areas before a long run.  They say it works better than anything they can buy.

-A friend of mine uses a thin coat of Vaseline on his Rubik's Cube.  He says it turns easier and adds to his concentration.

-A little film around the edge of your paint can and its lid will help you when you go to pry the lid open to make a touch up later.

Copywriter: Karen B. Cardwell 2012.   Email me at: cradwell.kc@Gmail.Com 

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 Original Artwork Images by Tom Wilson.