Money Saving Tips, Tricks and just plain old knowing how to do it a better way.

Saving-money-with-Karen is a portal to new ideas for saving money and stretching your paycheck and your budget. Stretching your dollars to the max, today and for months to come, is the objective.

Become the Bargain Hunter you have always wanted to be. In this tough economy, I have ideas that will insure that you succeed in your quest for a few more dollars left over this month.

Looking to stretch your budget?
I can help you do just that!

Lots of easy and quick ways to keep more of the hard-earned money you make. Simple to learn habits that will stretch your budget and reward you with an unexpected night out, or that new set of drapes you have been wanting. Maybe you want to afford better cuts of meat, gourmet cheeses or just to have a few more bucks in your wallet.

These pages will give you savings on skin-care products, kitchen savers of time and energy, cleaning tricks and quick and easy inexpensive recipes for your family, all of this with cost cutting in mind. With a few coupons, a good knowledge of when sales are best and some BOGO's, you will have that extra few dollars every single month to do what you want to do with them!

I can help you choose store brands that perform just as well as a name brands. I have tips that will make your bottle of shampoo last longer. I have ways of organizing your coupons so you never are in a store and do not have the exact ones you need.

Saving Money is easy with a little fore thought

Before you go to the store, have you checked the circulars that came in Sunday's newspaper? Have you checked the daily newspaper to see who has sales? Have you prepared a list of just what you need to purchase and where you need to shop to obtain these items? Have you gone through your coupons and seen what coupons you have and which ones can be used today?

Now, is your list coded to tell you what coupons go with what items you need from the store? A simple "C" with a circle by the item on your list tells you that you have a coupon for this item. For brands that you do not normally use, list the brand and any info that you need, such as how many you have to buy or what size the coupon will allow. If you have a brand you use, hands down, no need to do anything except circle the "c" for coupon. I use coupons to try new brands, too. The coupons will tell you what size you need to purchase to get the coupon value. Consider, pretty much, the coupon is no more than one fourth of the price, if it is a new item. The manufacturer wants you to try the new item, and he does not want to give it away. Unless, you get a gem of a coupon that is a buy one get one free. (Known as a "BOGO") Or perhaps it is a buy one, get the second one half off. (BOGOHO) Little laugh, here. I love BOGO's, just be sure it is something that does not have an expiration date that you can not live with. If it is paper products, no problem. But, if it is a can good, check the can for dents and check a "Best used before" date.

Basically, always look at the date on the product. It is a habit that can save you going to the refrigerator for milk and finding first stage cottage cheese. Purchase the products in the quantities that you will use in the dates you have. I am all for stocking up, but not on milk or yogurt. Paper products, oh yes. I buy them by the truckload and them tuck them into my basement shelves.

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