WD-40 Uses

The History of WD-40

Norman Larsen, in 1953, founded the Rocket Chemical Company, mainly to invent a rust-preventing solvent and degreaser for the aerospace industry.  On his 40th try, it worked.  Thus was invented “WD-40”.

I have gleaned these from friends and co-workers and some from my own favorites.

Silver—Protects from tarnishing.

Road Tar and grease—Removes with a wipe.

Guitar Strings—Will lubricate.

Floors—Gives a “just waxed” shine.

Cows—Keeps flies from them.  Just a quick wipe.

Chalkboards—Restores and cleans

Lipstick—will remove from clothes.  Apply before wash.  Will take out after dryer, apply before washing second time.

Zippers—Will take away stick and lubricate.

Jewelry Chains—will help you untangle a knot in chain.

Stainless Steel Sinks—Removes stains.

BBQ Grill—Removes rust and grime.

Ceramic and terra cotta flower pots—Keeps from oxidizing and sticking  together when stacked.

Tomato Stains—Removes from clothes.

Shower Glass Doors—keeps free of water spots.

Ceramic and Marble Floors—Masks scratches.

Scissors—Will lubricate and keep from rusting.

Hinges-car and door—takes away squeak.  Be sure to wipe excess, will attract dust.

Black scuff marks—Removes scuffs—If lots of scuffs, ventilate area.

Big Splats on car windshield—Removes bug splats on windows and safe for painted surface.

Playground—Keeps slides smooth and swings swinging.

Lawn mowers and riding mowers—Lubricates gear shift and mower deck lever and wheels.

Rocking Horse—Keeps springs from squeaking.

Window Tracks—Makes opening easier.

Umbrella—Makes stems open easier and close easier.

Vinyl bumpers and dashboards—Restores and cleans very well.

Roof racks on cars—Cleans and restores shine.

Electric Fans—Lubricates and stops squeaks.

Bicycle Spokes—Lubricates and makes for easier handling.

Washer Fan Belt, Dryer Fan Belt—Keeps running smoothly.

Tools—Keeps from rusting and lubricates moving parts.

Prosthetic Limbs—Lubricates, makes walking smoother.

Pigeons—Hate  the smell—will keep off of balcony, gutters, etc.

Duct Tape, Masking Tape, Retail stickers—Removes residue left by them.

Bathroom Mirror—Keeps from fogging.

Fishing—(I have heard)—will attract fish on artificial lures.

Fire Ants—Stops burn and sting and itch.

Crayons—Removes from wall, wall paper.

Squirrels—Lubricates Bird Seed Post.  Nuff said!

Stuck rings—will remove over knuckle with ease.

Decorative Snow—Removes it from windows without scraping.

Clothes Hangers—Makes them slide over clothes rod easier.

Driveways—Removes oil stains.

Sap on Garden Tools—Removes easily.

Garbage Cans—Keeps dogs, maggots and flies from garbage cans.

New Shoes—Takes squeak out.

Linen—Removes grease from linen material.

Box Springs—Take away squeaks.

Wood Furniture—Polishes nicely.

Tongues—Will unstick tongue from frozen flag pole.  (seriously, it will)

Dresser Drawers—Makes slides smoothly and takes away squeak.

Chewing Gum—Will remove from hair.

Toilet Bowls—Ugly gunk and lime stains-spray on stain—let sit and swish away.

Wasp Nests—Spray under eaves—no nests.

Boots and shoes—will waterproof—Spray liberally, let dry and then wipe off excess.

Bee Stings—Spray directly on sting.

Animal Fur—Will remove burrs and thistles.

LEGO’S—Will unstick LEGO’s.

Flower Pots—Will unstick stacked flower pots.

Piano Keys—Cleans and lubricates.

Fiberglass bathtubs—Cleans nicely.

Tea Stains—Cleans from counter tops.

Gate Locks—Lubricates.

Artificial Plants—shines.

Garden Hose—Keeps connectors from corroding.

Ash Trays—Cleans tar from bottom. (Hope you are thinking of quitting !)

Garden Fountains—Prevents mildew growth.

Blue Jeans—Removes ink stains.

Muffin Tins—Cleans baked on grease and keeps from rusting.

Plastic Dish Drainer—Remover gunk that accumulates—Rinse well.

Garage Doors—Cleans and keeps rolling smoothly.

Gold and Brass Lamps—Cleans and polishes.

Newspaper Ink—Removes from table tops.

Glue Gun—Keeps rigger from sticking.

TV Antennas—Cleans and protects.

Stuck Toilet Shut Off Valve—Unsticks and keeps from sticking again.

Patio Furniture—Removes bird berry stains.

Velcro—Removes reside when you remove a strip.

Counter Tops—Hides scratches.

Battery Terminals—Cleans and keeps from gunking up.

Camp Fires—Can start first log quickly.

Copywriter: Karen B. Cardwell 2012.   Email me at: cradwell.kc@Gmail.Com 

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 Original Artwork Images by Tom Wilson.