Chicken and Dumplings in a Crock Pot

This was modernized from my Grandma’s chicken and dumplings recipe.
Easy Chicken and Dumplings in a crock pot

This recipe makes enough chicken and dumplings to feed a family of 4, plus, when the first meal is finished, continue to cook the dumplings in the chicken and liquid. This will turn into a thick chicken soup that can be served over toast points or right from a soup bowl, a great budget stretcher.


5 chicken thighs with skin (yes, thighs; they have a lot of meat to them and they are generally not as expensive and the skin adds flavor)
Jiffy baking mix to make the dumplings (Bisquick will work, however Jiffy mix will save money and it has powdered eggs in it)
Salt and Pepper

Fill your crock pot half full of water and drop the chicken thighs in to cook. Add salt and pepper to taste. Let
them cook for a few hours on high. When stirred, and you can see the meat falling from the bone, scoop the thighs from the liquid and place them on a cutting board. When cooled, remove the gristle and skin and cut into chunks.
Return the meat to the crock pot liquid and taste the broth. If you need to add some more pepper or salt, now is the time.

When the liquid is boiling in the crock pot, use Jiffy Baking mix to make a dough. Usually a cup of Jiffy Mix
and just enough water to make dough is sufficient for dumplings. I use more because we love dumplings and the soup it makes afterward. Flour a piece of waxed paper to turn the dough onto. I flatten the dough with my fingers to about half an inch thick. I use a butter knife to cut squares of dough, about 2-inches square. Drop these into the chicken water a few at a time, pushing them into the liquid with a large spoon. They will cook in just a minute and will float when done. Add more dough squares until you have enough for your family. Usually three dumplings each is what I serve. Use a ladle and push down past the dumplings to get to the broth and chicken. I use a shallow bowl to serve this golden treat.
Continue to cook what is left for about another 2 hours in the crock pot. By now the dumplings have melted into the broth and have made it thick and flavorful. Spoon this into a container for your next meal. This freezes well.
You can serve this over toast points or use as thick chicken soup. I have even used this as the broth for a chicken pot pie.

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 Original Artwork Images by Tom Wilson.